Happy Earth Day 2022! April 22nd 2022 is a momentous occasion as it marks the breaking ground of the wildlife crossing over the 101

Live today at the Liberty Canyon Site over the 101 freeway – breaking ground with Governor Newsom for the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, Agoura Hills, California. Congratulations to Save LA Cougars and all the donors of the crossing.

The wildlife crossing has been 10 years in the planning and was also inspired by P22 mountain lion who made an incredible journey crossing two freeways to reach Griffith Park. The aim of the crossing is for all wildlife to benefit from connectivity, especially mountain lions who are in danger from genetic inbreeding in the Santa Monica Mountains. You can find out more about the amazing story to build the crossing in The Cat That Changed America on Vimeo


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And you can read the story in an engaging paperback book or kindle on Amazon or through Barnes and Noble.

Groundbreaking Wildlife Crossing over the 101 this month for Earth Day!

It’s really happening – the much anticipated wildlife crossing to mark the construction of the now $90m crossing – called the Wallis Annenberg wildlife crossing – will take place on Earth Day, April 22nd. Building of the crossing will mostly happen at night and the project will be completed three years later in early 2025. Congratulations to the National Wildlife Federation, Save LA Cougars, all the sponsors and donors involved.

You can find out more about the development of the wildlife crossing in The Cat That Changed America which you can stream online.

And the book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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P22 The Cat That Changed America in the news again

P22 The Cat That Changed America is features in both the LA TIMES and DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD this week as he’s spotted in SilverLake


And read about his true story in The Cat That Changed America book