Tony Lee, Producer

Tony is an award winning film maker, television producer and owner of Sabana Films which produced The Cat that Changed America. In 2015, he won the Special Jury Award at the Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival for The Secret Life of Your House. Over his 25 year career, he has produced and directed many programmes in the science and natural history strand for a range of broadcasters. He spends his time between California and England, and has a special interest in big cats. For more information about Tony, check out his website at


Alex Rapaport, Camera

Alex is a marine scientist, biologist, conservationist and filmmaker. He’s worked on nature documentary projects for broadcasters such as Discovery Channel, BBC, IMAX, PBS, History Channel, and National Geographic as a scientific consultant, production manager, field producer and camera operator. Alex was born and raised in Texas, where he spent a lot of time outdoors in mountain lion country. For most of his adult life, he has lived in Florida and California, two places where mountain lion populations are being compromised by the urbanization of wild areas into densely crowded human developments. While Alex’s work focuses mostly on ocean conservation, it is no surprise that he has an interest in the story of P-22 and the proposed wildlife crossing. Anyone who understands ecology knows that all ecosystems are interconnected. For more information about Alex and his work, check out his website at


Crew List

Producer/Director. . . .Tony Lee

Director of Cinematography. . . .Alex Rapaport

Additional Photography. . . .Lance Jeffery

Camera Assistants. . . .Hanley Valentin, Colin Brown, Clark Moore

Editor. . . .Matt Ward

Online Editors. . . .Alex Berry & Richard Vaux

Dubbing mixer. . . .The Farm Group

Music. . . .Gianlucca Cucchiara

P22 photos credit. . . .Miguel Ordeñana