Happy Earth Day 2022! April 22nd 2022 is a momentous occasion as it marks the breaking ground of the wildlife crossing over the 101

Live today at the Liberty Canyon Site over the 101 freeway – breaking ground with Governor Newsom for the Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, Agoura Hills, California. Congratulations to Save LA Cougars and all the donors of the crossing.

The wildlife crossing has been 10 years in the planning and was also inspired by P22 mountain lion who made an incredible journey crossing two freeways to reach Griffith Park. The aim of the crossing is for all wildlife to benefit from connectivity, especially mountain lions who are in danger from genetic inbreeding in the Santa Monica Mountains. You can find out more about the amazing story to build the crossing in The Cat That Changed America on Vimeo


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And you can read the story in an engaging paperback book or kindle on Amazon or through Barnes and Noble.

Groundbreaking Wildlife Crossing over the 101 this month for Earth Day!

It’s really happening – the much anticipated wildlife crossing to mark the construction of the now $90m crossing – called the Wallis Annenberg wildlife crossing – will take place on Earth Day, April 22nd. Building of the crossing will mostly happen at night and the project will be completed three years later in early 2025. Congratulations to the National Wildlife Federation, Save LA Cougars, all the sponsors and donors involved.

You can find out more about the development of the wildlife crossing in The Cat That Changed America which you can stream online.

And the book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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P22 The Cat That Changed America in the news again

P22 The Cat That Changed America is features in both the LA TIMES and DEADLINE HOLLYWOOD this week as he’s spotted in SilverLake


And read about his true story in The Cat That Changed America book

Happy 10th anniversary P22 mountain lion – a valentine to our favourite big cat who is a purrfect 10!

10 years ago this week – on February 12th 2012, P22 mountain lion was discovered in Griffith Park. “It was like finding the Chupacabra!” says wildlife biologist Miguel Ordenana who spotted the backside of P22 on one of his camera traps while doing a census of the wildlife in the park.

Since then P22 has entered our national consciousness and has become our favourite big cat and a bonafide Angeleno.

He has inspired a generation of conservationists, artists, writers and poets with his amazing tale of resilience and fortitude and above all adaptability. P22 is one of the few big cats to live in the middle of a major metropolis.

Friends of Griffith Park has put together an amazing 10 year anniversary timeline on their website and The Cat That Changed America is proud to be part of P22’s story.

The National Wildlife Federation and Save LA Cougars have been raising money for a Wildlife Crossing over the 101 freeway to help other mountain lions like P22. You can find out more about the Wildlife Crossing here:

This wildlife crossing is so important as genetic diversity among LA’s mountain lions is “much lower than anywhere else across California, or anywhere else across the West where people have studied mountain lion genetics,” says Seth Riley with the National Park Service. “There’s room essentially for 10 to 15 adults … that’s too small in the long run.” A report by UCLA finds the iconic cats will go extinct in 12 to 15 years unless their gene pool expands.

You can watch The Cat That Changed America here:

And you can read about his amazing story in a book of the same name to accompany the film:

Find out about the inspiration of the making of the book and film in this TikTok video and please share to raise awareness about P22.

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Watch: P22 Mountain Lion Balances on Hollywood Hills Fence – NBC Los Angeles

A mountain lion, likely famed Hollywood big cat P22, was caught on camera performing a late-night balancing act at a Hollywood Hills home.
— Read on www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/hollywood-hills-watch-video-mountain-lion-p22-fence-griffith-park-wildlife-animals/2793155/

P22 is making his rounds of his neighbourhood.

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The Cat That Changed America reviewed as a Christmas book pick

Book Review and 
Christmas Gift Ideas …
With a Wildlife Ring


Book Ideas for Kids this Christmas
The Cat That Changed America

By Maria Fotopoulos

Some of my best childhood memories are of visiting a cozy bookstore off of Grand Avenue in Ponca City, Okla., heading to the bookcase where all the Nancy Drew books were housed on the bottom shelf and then taking a seat on the floor excited to learn if there were a new book in the series and what Nancy was up to now. Books were transformative, exposing whole new worlds. Even in today’s techno-centric, digitized and dystopian world, I hope books still hold the keys to unlock the imaginations and dreams for millions of kids and to learn the wonders of the natural world. And what better time for kids to curl up with some books than the Christmas-New Year break! A recommended read to help kids appreciate the world of big cats is “The Cat That Changed America” by Tony Lee Moral. In this fictionalized account of the real and famous California cougar, P22, Moral chronicles the cougar’s adventures starting with his birth, and that of his brother, and time with Mom in the Santa Monica Mountains, meeting neighbors, including the raccoon, woodpecker, mockingbird, skunk (Mom advises P22 to “stay away”) and opossum, from whom he learns the hard truth. One day he’s going to be forced out of his mountain home!  
There’s more foreshadowing! Mom and her cubs one day meet Prime. There’s a secret the reader comes to learn about Prime, “the dominant mountain lion in the woods,” according to Mom who also tells the cubs that “there isn’t enough room in the mountains for all of us, especially if you’re a male mountain lion.”

Tragedy befalls the family and eventually P22 is forced to leave his home. He is confronted with many challenges, dangers and, still, Prime, as well as cars, coyotes and rodenticides! But ultimately, after a harrowing journey of 60 miles, P22 finds a new home in Griffith Park in Los Angeles.  
Moral does a great job of interspersing lots of facts about cats and the problems facing wildlife into the narrative, so “The Cat That Changed America” is both a good read and an educational one.
The real P22 continues to live in L.A.’s Griffith Park and is now 13 years old. His now legendary crossings of both the 101 and 405 freeways – two of the busiest roadways in the country – after leaving the Santa Monica Mountains have served as the inspiration for the campaign to raise funds to build a wildlife crossing over the 101 Freeway at Liberty Canyon, just north of L.A. Work on the crossing is scheduled to start in Jan. 2022.  *** 
Even better than one book for Christmas, package a trio! More book ideas are here. And other products and ways to teach kids about wildlife and support the work with big cats are at Save LA CougarsThe Cougar FundPantheraShambala Roar FoundationMountain Lion FoundationWorld Wildlife FundCenter for Biological DiversityThe Wild Animal Sanctuary and The National Wildlife Foundation.
Maria Fotopoulos writes about the connection between overpopulation and biodiversity loss. Contact her on Facebook at Be the Change for Animals.
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Happy P22 Day! From The Cat That Changed America

It’s P22 Day! October 22nd and Urban Wildlife Week. To celebrate The Cat That Changed America book is HALF PRICE this weekend until Sunday October 24th.

And if you haven’t seen the true life story of P22 Mountain lion you can watch on Vimeo on Demand for only $1.50


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