LA Premiere of The Cat That Changed America


The LA Premiere of The Cat That Changed America was on Thursday March 16th at the UCLA James Bridges Theater.  The enthusiastic audience was very interested and energised and there were many laughs and gasps throughout the screening.

The panel was moderated by Laurel Hunt, the founder of the Green Screens Festivals, and afterwards the panelists – Alex Rapaport, Miguel Ordenana, Poison Free Malibu, Kim Lamorie and Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, were awarded a UCLA mug by Graduates Shane Malott and Paul Kurek. Ben Hoyle from the Times of London reviewed the film, saying that P22 has much in common with other A-listers who lives in the Hollywood Hills and that the camera adored him.

Photos Courtesy of Alex and Camille Rapaport and Colin Brown.





World Premiere Screening: Santa Barbara International Film Festival

“The Cat that Changed America” has been officially selected to have its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in February.

You can find out  the two screening times below and the full festival programme on the SBIFF website:

Friday February 10th in the Festival Pavilion behind the Lobero Theater, 33 E Canon Perdido Street, Santa Barbara at 11.00am, Reel Nature Filmmakers Seminar with Tony Lee and Alex Rapaport. FREE to the public


Friday February 10th in Fiesta Theater 2, 916 State Street, Santa Barbara at 4.20pm

Saturday February 11th in Fiesta Theater 1, 916 State Street, Santa Barbara  at 1.00pm

Followed by Q&A with Tony Lee, Alex Rapaport, Beth Pratt, Miguel Ordenana and Joel Schulman


Tickets can be bought via the festival website

Purr and Roar profile P22

P-22 the most famous mountain lion in the world is a both a celebrity and messenger. So far he has managed to: survive the deadly traffic of Los Angeles; stealthily navigate the cities massive urban sprawl taking up residence in an area that represents 3% of a normal size home range for a mountain lion; and, recover from a potentially life-threatening case of rodenticide poisoning. For the most part P-22 has overcome the odds, but his story is a cautionary tale with an important message – one that is explored in the upcoming documentary film The Cat that Changed America.

You can read the entire story here:

The Cat that Changed America

Santa Monica Observer profiles Cougar P22 – The Cat that Changed America

Mountain lions have been much in the news recently. In November, P-45, a radio-collared male mountain lion in the Santa Monica mountains broke into a pen and killed ten alpacas. Earlier this month, P-39, a female mountain lion, and the mother of three kittens, was killed trying to cross the 118 freeway near Chatsworth. Both incidents highlight the issues of urbanization, connectivity and fragmentation facing our mountain lions living in the Greater Los Angeles area.

It is very timely that my film, “The Cat that Changed America” will be released in 2017 when our proximity to and the issues of living with mountain lions figure so prominently in the headlines. The titular character is P-22, a 7-½ year old mountain lion living in Griffith Park, right in the heart of the city. His story is so captivating and inspirational I felt he deserved his own documentary feature film, “The Cat that Changed America”, which has been submitted to major film festivals in the US, including Los Angeles, Newport Beach, San Francisco and Santa Barbara.

You can read the entire article here: