LA Premiere of The Cat That Changed America


The LA Premiere of The Cat That Changed America was on Thursday March 16th at the UCLA James Bridges Theater.  The enthusiastic audience was very interested and energised and there were many laughs and gasps throughout the screening.

The panel was moderated by Laurel Hunt, the founder of the Green Screens Festivals, and afterwards the panelists – Alex Rapaport, Miguel Ordenana, Poison Free Malibu, Kim Lamorie and Beth Pratt-Bergstrom, were awarded a UCLA mug by Graduates Shane Malott and Paul Kurek. Ben Hoyle from the Times of London reviewed the film, saying that P22 has much in common with other A-listers who lives in the Hollywood Hills and that the camera adored him.

Photos Courtesy of Alex and Camille Rapaport and Colin Brown.





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