2020’s most heart warming Animal Stories include the 3 mountain lions cubs rescued by Oakland Zoo awaiting a new home

Captain Cal and two Sisters – the 3 mountain lion cubs waiting for their new home.

2020 has been a challenging year to say the least yet there have been incredible stories of hope, resilience and inspiration. One of the most inspiring animal stories is that of the 3 lion cubs which were rescued and found a new home.

The cubs have been recovering at the Oakland Zoo after being rescued from the flames. One of the lions was a weeks-old cub that was rescued from California’s Zogg Wildfire and was brought to the Oakland Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital for treatment and rehabilitation.

The male, nicknamed Captain Cal, had been severely burned and was found limping on a burned-out road in Redding, CA in September. It took 47 days for him to fully heal.

The Oakland Zoo shared a video showing the overnight journey to Ohio. The cubs boarded a FedEx aircraft at the Oakland International Airport.

“Captain Cal and the girls received top-notch service on their early morning journey from our Vet Hospital to Oakland International Airport, and on to Columbus Zoo and Aquarium by dinnertime,” the zoo wrote in a caption with the video.

The other two cubs were unnamed sisters. The sisters and Captain Cal were packaged up and sent to the Columbus Zoo.

The mountain lion cubs were recently transported by FedEx from Oakland Zoo in California to Ohio’s Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

The trio will be introduced to another mountain lion named Jessie who is 17 years old and who lives at the Columbus Zoo.

The three mountain lion cubs are such an inspiring story and illustrate the many challenges facing young animals which are detailed in “The Cat That Changed America” book which was written during lockdown and is available now.

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